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“The months I’d spent at Tamar were filled with freedom to pursue single-minded devotion. Light was casted on my inadequacies, and I was challenged to embrace what was difficult. It gently shaped my world views and cemented a foundation on which I grew confident enough to now build my decisions on”

Magdalene Chan


“It was a very fulfilling time being able to interact with both the staff and beneficiaries of Tamar Village. They taught me countless of life lessons; it was definitely an experience never to be forgotten”

Ruth Yeo


“Tamar Village gave me an opportunity to not only engage but also build relationships with the ladies and children. Every day was a new journey of self-discovery. The stories that I have heard taught me to love and share a part of my life with those who are broken.  I am blessed to have been part of Tamar Village.”

Annalisa Daniel


It is an absolute joy to work with the women and children at Tamar.  To be allowed into the lives of others, to love and care for their children, to laugh and eat and play and work with them – we think we are serving, but in reality, I feel like we receive the greatest benefit.

Jessie Rausch


Tamar Village is a place of love & life. Working alongside the ladies and loving each of them uniquely in the way they can receive that love is truly life giving. It refreshes me and nourishes my soul.

Pauline Chia


Tamar Village is a special place to  me.  It’s a  place filled with love and compassion. Like many others here, I have found  this place to have a sense of belonging,  believing,  and becoming as I serve.

William Teo


In seeking to serve and love the ladies in Tamar Village, some have become friends. I’ve never been hugged so much and so often in Singapore! –

Patrena Teo


It was a most rewarding and eye-opening experience interning with Tamar village. It has really broadened my mind and understanding of outreach and ministry in ways I didn’t expect, it was a most valuable experience indeed!

Gerhardine Foo


It has been an exciting journey working with children. It is my greatest joy to see them grow and reach their fullest potential. It has also been a humbling experience to serve alongside passionate volunteers at Tamar Village. Their love for people is infectious.

Belicia Ong

Core Leader (Acorn)

Being at Tamar Village has allowed me to see the resilience and hopes of those we often overlook in society. While journeying with each lady and her family may seem too daunting a task for any one volunteer, doing it together with an amazing team makes all the difference. I always leave in awe and full of gratitude that I get the privilege of being a part of this effort. And all it takes is a willing and open heart.

Eunice Lim


Witnessing what happens at Tamar Village has been amazing – Serving in Tamar Village has richly blessed me in my journey of life. I have grown to love, to show grace, and to see others with fresh lenses of love and acceptance. I have seen how love can touch and transform life and experiencing all of these have also brought joy to my soul.

As I experience a deep heartbeat to love and give hope to those who feel lost and broken, it has also help me to show an increasing measure of tender mercy, grace and love to my loved ones.

Adeline Lim

Core Leader

Being at Tamar Village has taught me that love is an innate desire; an essential human need that when understood correctly and expressed in a healthy manner, can restore one’s past, heal pain and give hope. I have learn to love and be loved by others who carry different areas and levels of brokenness, that are so similar to my own journey of brokenness. I have also build friendships, that have touched me deeply.

Beatrice Wee

Core Leader

It was a great experience. Just being able to help out around the place, whether it was taking care of the kids, helping with renovations or just socializing with other people. I really enjoyed playing with the kids, teaching them a bit and just seeing them happy and enjoying life. I truly believe Tamar village is changing lives. The dedication of those working there, is for all to see. They have a heart for these ladies and their children and put in effort beyond what is required, to see good plans come to fruition, in these ladies and their kids lives

Matthias Sng


Time is a gift and blessing but while on earth, it is limited to us. I only hope to use this precious gift intentionally and purposefully to demonstrate His love to the people that have placed within my sphere of influence.

Lois Loh


Serving at Tamar Village has been such a privilege as it has opened my eyes to see how love, care and compassion, can be poured out, for the lost. I have been touched by the constant provision for each lady and have grown in many personal ways.

Melody Lim



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