Dear friends:

Just a quick report about our Tamar Village.

We started our first Tamar Village Skill Class (Making Earrings) this month and the girls are so encouraged.

During this past few weeks, Lois and I witnessed how the girls managed to quickly pick up the new skill from our volunteer Jolene
and were already producing earrings of considerable good standard by themselves in the second week.

Two of them are now skillful enough to teach the art to new comers. Currently, all the girls come to work on the earrings 2 or 3 times per week.  One thing that encourages me is that they will call me to ask about the schedule and daily programs which
speaks of their enthusiasm in their new found interest.

I am thankful for the changes happening in their lives.  At this point, we are working with 4 regular street girls – ( C,A,Nu,Au.).
In addition “N” is a 17 years old teen who wants to do Facial SPA class. (But she needs support to be able to do so.  She is in need of financial income as she needs to bring support home.  [Family support is a primary reason why women are on the street.]  Also in addition is “S” who wants to learn baking skill which we hope to put in place soon.

Urgent needs:

1. Monthly support for one girl $800 per month.  Thankful for Church Of  Our Savior ( COOS ) who already has adopted one girl for
one year =$9,600. Chapel of the Resurrection ( COR ) Chinese Congregation is in  the process of praying and discussing about
supporting the ministry. There are more girls who are in desperate need of help.  [Remember that not only will they be supported financially, but Tamar Village aims to serve the ‘WHOLE PERSON’ in our 2 year follow-up program]

Our needs to operate in this venue requires the following support:

– Monthly need : [ one year ]

Rental @ 800 X 12month = $9,600
Utilities @ 200X 12month = $2,400
Miscellaneous @ 300X12month = $3,600
Evangelism parties @ $500 x 3 events = $1500
Start up cost = $2,000

TOTAL : $19,100 for the first year

We want to acknowledge our supporters who have helped in selling the earrings made by the women so as to create an avenue of income for the women.  The earrings were sold in various places such as offices, cell groups, churches and to friends and well wishers.  THANK YOU………….

Look out for new and better quality jewelleries such as bracelets, necklaces, trinklets in the days to come as the women learn new and better techniques from Jolene. As they learn, they also discover a new hope and alternative way to find financial support for themselves and their families.  They experience new values and friends who are willing to care and love them.

We are pleased to announce our first TGIF party scheduled for 23 March, Saturday at 4pm.  Our target is to have a BBQ party for 20 women and their family members.  The evening’s programme would tentatively include a VCD show, ending with a meal.  Volunteers are invited to serve as host, befriend, chit-chat etc. We thank COOS for sponsoring this event.

Thanks SO MUCH for all your support and participation in Tamar Village


Shu hui
Tamar Village