How do we clean up Geylang?

How Do We Clean Up Geylang?

By Yasmeen Banu

In a rather frustrated posting online, a Member of Parliament (MP) for Marine Parade GRC has lashed out at the authorities for the “very long” wait “for the higher authorities to effect the change” she has been asking for in Geylang.

“As an action oriented person who expects results,” MP for Geylang Serai, Fatimah Lateef, posted on her Facebook page, “I have indeed waited very long for higher authorities to effect the change I, my grassroots leaders and my residents want to see.”

Geylang, popularly seen as Singapore’s red light district, was cast into the spotlight two weeks ago when Police Commissioner Ng Joo Hee described it as having “a hint of lawlessness within the streets of Geylang.”

In his surprising revelation to the Committee of Inquiry into the Little India riot, Mr Ng said, “Geylang presents a complex and complicated social ecosystem, tinged with a definite criminal undertone. This is in stark contrast to Little India, untidy though it may be.”

Mr Ng said that while overall crime rate in Geylang has decreased, the number of public offences recorded in the area has increased.


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