Reaching Out During Christmas

This year, we celebrated Christmas with our ladies and their families by inviting them over for a buffet dinner and a Christmas program. After a sumptuous meal, we played a few ice-breaker games. Everyone had fun and were enthusiastic as they receive gifts from the game sessions. A skit, that spoke of freedom from sin, was then performed by our friends from America and the gospel message, was shared through a miraculous and powerful testimony. With Christmas Carols in the air to end the night together, we could see how love in practical ways go a long way to show how love looks like. We believe that, we have sown seeds that will grow in the near future and will continue to pray for our street ladies and their family.

During the Christmas Dinner, we had volunteers who ran a kids’ fun time during the Christmas Party to bless the children. There was much joy and excitement as Shine Kids participated in a Kids Olympics. They sang songs, watched a skit, played a word-search game and Arts and Crafts and at the end of the night, we saw the smiles on the faces of our children.

We are appreciative of the volunteers who came to bring joy, love and laughter, to these young hearts and all who volunteered and helped out in the Christmas party – without everyone in the team, it will have been impossible.

Tamar Village


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