Children Drop-In Centre Programme

Tamar Village is excited to announce that we are starting a Children Drop-In Centre Programme during the weekdays!
While operating our skill development centre, Tamar Village found a need to start a children drop-in centre programme (CDCP) to better serve our trainees. Thus CDCP was started in April 2015 that runs every weekday of the month (Mondays to Fridays) from 2pm to 5pm.
CDCP aims to teach the children of our trainees good values and to learn how to speak and write English. Secondly, CDCP aims to bring the children back into the proper education system, if they are not attending school or are not in proper child-care systems.
When we had first started CDCP, we wondered if we would have enough volunteers. But to our amazement, we were able to run CDCP smoothly with sufficient volunteers with hearts that value the individual. We are truly blessed with such an incredible team of volunteers who went the extra mile by taking their own time and energy to revamp the whole children room and give it a “make-over”. We appreciate all your efforts and your willing hearts.
To ensure that CDCP has the capacity to run for the long-term, we are constantly looking for individuals who:
1) Have a passion for children
2) Value the individual
3) Have time to spare once a week/bi-weekly
4) Do not mind taking care of 1-2 toddlers
5) Able to commit for at least 3 months

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