To the Nations… Balai, Indonesia

Over the past 6 months to 1 year – through a time of friendship, connections, planning, couple of meetings, we have begin to establish another wing of Tamar Village in Balai, Indonesia. We now have a team of 4 ladies sewing, in Balai, Indonesia, together with our ladies in Singapore.

Our ladies in Balai, Indonesia (who are from a very poor village and are very hard-working and have very good attitudes) will receive the new product designs made by our ladies in Singapore, and help to sew these new designs, alongside our ladies, in Singapore.

This gives our ladies in Singapore (one lady at a time over a reasonable time period when she is ready) time and an opportunity to be taught advanced sewing skills and hopefully be educated in other needed skills (i.e. computer, digital designing, administration, management, etc) down the road, in the next couple of years.

We see both teams, in both nations now working together, to gain new hope and new life. Our ladies in Singapore, also learn the meaning to bless others less fortunate than themselves, with all that they have received and learn to live out, a life of loving, sharing and giving.

Tamar Village


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