Time of Expansion

In the last 3 months, we had confirmation that it was time to expand the sewing department. Our ladies need more space and it’s time to have a little simple structure within the team so that gifts, talents and leadership skills among our ladies can be developed. As such, our sewing department has moved from the small room to a bigger space right beside the centre where Tamar Village is.

Staff and volunteers have been hoping for this bigger space, for the past 2 years, as a possible new area for the sewing department.


Moreover, we were able to get to get more renovation works done!

It has been years since the flooring in 2 of our rooms were changed and we finally got some simple floor work done.

As the sewing room has been moved to a bigger space, the old sewing room has been converted into a multi-purpose room.

The room where we have our discipleship lessons, training lessons, music lessons and children programs, etc also got a floor revamp. As the physical aspects of this 2 important rooms change, we hope that there will be new and beautiful things in the lives of our ladies and their loved ones.

Tamar Village


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