Skill Development Centre

As of 2015, Tamar Village has been running our skill development centre on every weekdays so as to provide an alternative life and income to the streets ladies of Geylang.

Currently Tamar Village has been focusing on the skill development centre as we felt as a team to take the last 6 months to strengthen the foundations and structure for the skill centre. We have also been focusing on the sewing skills of our ladies and have seen many of their dignities being restored as they witness progress in the quality of their work. In the past year, we are thankful to all who have come alongside to focus on the sewing department and equipping our trainees with sewing skills. For now, Tamar Village has 8 trainees and we are open from Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 5pm.

Tamar Village is currently running a 3 year long restoration programme where we intend to equip our ladies with life skills and eventually reintegrate them back in Singapore’s society. During this time, our trainees will be equipped with sewing skills as they learn to create products such as shopping bags, tissue holders and napkins etc. Moreover, the sewing room is used as a tool to iron out life, attitude and working habits. The sewing room is also a discipleship tool, to develop character, wise thinking patterns, self-control, relationship and teamwork and healing, on a daily practical basis.

Aside from the vocational skills taught in Tamar, we felt that in 2016 we are to focus on seeing each trainee experiencing greater levels of peace and stability in their life.


Encouragers Team

As Tamar Village continues to focus on improving the sewing skills of our trainees, we recognise that through sewing, our ladies begin to see a restoration in their dignity and confidence. Hence we have formed an encouragers team where volunteers will work alongside our ladies, supporting them in the sewing department, whilst encouraging our ladies as they work. 

We are also looking for volunteers who are free to come down once a week to help sow and/or teach sewing to our ladies.

Tamar Village


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