Family Units

As Tamar Village looks to bring help, hope and healing to our trainees, we have come to recognise that we are also called to help their families too. This would mean that we are to help their spouses and children as well. As such, ACORN Community has been faithfully serving for the past couple of years focusing on providing free tuition to 15-20 children. Moreover, CPR (previously CDCP) runs every weekday from 2pm to 5pm where our trainee’s children are being looked after whilst they are working. 

Moreover, in 2016, we will also begin to walk alongside the husbands and spouses of our trainees. As the men of the house, we recognise that their husbands too need constant encouragement and support. Currently we have 5 men who are the spouses of our trainees. We hope to see that these family units will be restored holistically one day.

Tamar Village


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