Key Updates on Tamar Village

Since 5th May 2015, when our ministry founders, Shu Hui and Lois felt that the season for pioneering was over and that a new season of structuring has begun. They passed the baton of leadership over and we have since formed a Strategic Leadership Team (SLT), that is made up of 5 Core Leaders, who pray together for vision, direction and strategy for the ministry. This provides strong accountability and greater clarity on how to serve and take the ministry forward. We currently also have a Core Leadership Team that consist of 12 individuals, including the SLT. We now have 5 full-time staff. All are on a voluntary basis and do not receive a salary.
Shu Hui has returned to South Africa with her family since 2015 and continues doing the work of the Lord in South Africa. Lois has also retired from the Red Light scene since 2016 and is serving the Lord in other capacities. Both founders are part of the ministry structure, “Founder’s Circle” and play a consultative role and are invited for events. Shu Hui also takes a trip back to Singapore once a year when she is able to and spends time with the Core Leadership Team of Tamar Village.
Many know Tamar Village for the work that we do with the Local Street Ladies. However, we do also work with the children and men and in the Red Light District. As such, we prayed about the work that has been expanding and established and how should we communicate the already expanded vision and mission. After much prayer, we had agreement on the expanded vision and mission statements that we will embark on from 2017 onwards
To See Justice and Compassion Revealed in the Red Light Districts of Asia
To bring hope, help and healing to people who will rebuild, restore and renew relationships and communities
We will be launching a new website and a new brochure in 2017 to communicate the expanded Vision and Mission statements and also the overall work of the ministry. We aim to have the new communication platforms ready by July 2017. Do look out for our new website.

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