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The Work Skill Programs in Tamar Village where our friends (ladies/ men) sew, pack products, do house keeping or make coffee, are simply platforms and a journey of learning good life habits and to develop good and strong character values.

The Work Skill Programs are not their career path as we do not “cookie cut” any person into one fixed skill course or program. We also do not “force” anyone to get their life in order within a fixed time frame but empower them to keep making right and good decisions out of their own free-will, to develop a resilient heart and a strong thinking mind that can make wise decisions that bring peace and stability.

This takes a lot of time, patience and deep friendship. However it’s completely worth it.

When our friends, whom we walk life with, can develop the discipline of thinking wisely and making right decisions, this attitude stays with them for life no matter the bad or negative influences around them. They know how to think and avoid the pitfall decisions of life.

We spend years of effort, energy and time walking life with each friend to see him/her personally choose to make good and wise decision that helps them to stabilise in every area of life – health, finances, family, education, marriage, career, etc.

We also allow a lot of space and time for each friend to really think, share and dream of what they really want to do in life, before further empowering them to learn a skill/do a course that they will enjoy, which hopefully benefits their future.

Today, 2 of our friends have found a desire to try to learn coffee making and 2 are keen to explore and they had fun at their 2nd training lesson today! Our ladies have been having fun learning to make and serve coffee and different types of drinks and through it all they have been learning respect, teamwork, humility and servanthood through our Work Skill Programs.

It’s a great delight to have fun with them and laugh together.


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  1. Wayne Ng 2 years ago August 17, 2018

    Hi there,

    I currently run a barista ministry in a church with about 20-30 volunteers. and was wondering if there were any way to volunteer help to train friends in how to do coffee as a lifeskill.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!


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