In Singapore, we walk a journey of restoration with individuals and family units who have made a decision to not be influenced by or be involved in the trades of the Red Light District.


Since 2014, we embarked on restoring broken relationships/marriages and family units. As such we began to engage the spouses of our ladies and the fathers of our children & youths and walk them through a journey of restoration. These men are often jobless, do not have a consistent work habit, come from broken family units, may be addicted to substances or have lost hope in life.

Since 2018, we have been helping and walking restoration journeys with men who have decided to leave the work involving/revolving around the sex trade or have chosen to not be influenced by or involved in the trades of the Red Light District; gain a second chance in life and pursue a different trade.

With encouragement and practical assistance, we believe that these men can make stable and wise decisions and rise up to be the Husbands who will love and care for their wives, the Fathers who will protect and be good role-models for their children and the Sons who will respect and honor their parents.

To achieve this, we run the following


Since 2011, we have been helping ladies who have decided to leave the sex trade or have chosen to not be influenced by or involved in the trades of the Red Light District; gain a second chance in life and pursue a different trade. We will walk with each lady for as long as it takes to empower her to hope and dream again. We will also journey with her in practical ways, that bring stability back into her life and empower her to be the very best that she can be with regards to character, mindset, attitude, habits and career.

To achieve this, we do the following:


Since 2012, we have been nurturing children and youth, who are from families affiliated to the red-light district. In addition, we expanded to include their neighbours, relatives, and friends, also from disadvantaged backgrounds. We walk alongside each child to grow in character and in competency, and in practical ways offer support to bring stability back into their families and homes. We believe great oaks from little acorns grow, and in the potential of these children to become influential contributors back to society.

To achieve this, we do the following:


We have consistent engagement, awareness and outreach efforts and walk the streets of the Red Light District on a regular basis to engage individuals in the Red Light District. We also have other constant connection initiatives for individuals involved in the sex trade in general. Since 2014, we also do yearly event outreaches (i.e. Christmas street caroling) and other initiatives.


“She has been on the street for years. Initially, she cringed at the idea of sleeping with a man she hardly knew. However, she had no money to feed her three children. Her boyfriend and father to her youngest child, is addicted to drugs and does not work and brings no money home. He is often verbally and physically abusive and irresponsible. The fathers of her first two children had walked away from her life, years ago.

With a low education and little skills, she did try to find a meaningful job but could not meet the expenses needed for the family. Selling her body to men seemed to be the easiest way to make ‘quick money’. One man led to another man. One day led to another day. Weeks become months and months become years. In time, she began to take drugs to numb herself from the pain and shame that she feels. What began, as a desperate measure to earn an income becomes “easy money” and an “easy job”.

However, when she was just 10 years old, her dream for her future was never about selling her body for income. Her dream for her future was completely different from her current situation. However, this dream has now been buried. Circumstances have driven her to make a different choice in her present time.

Her boyfriend soon finds out about what she does but allows her and sometimes encourages her to be involved in the sex trade, as long as she can bring home money. The shame he feels from living off her, is covered by his own shame, guilt and denial. He has a sense of uselessness and yet simply asks her for money all the time. He refuses to get a job and makes excuses each time she begs him to get a job. When he does, he never keeps his job for long or spends all the money he earns on drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.

The children are not in school and they all have different fathers. The children are often abused physically or verbally. They are not fed well and have no idea why they have to fend for themselves at such a young age.

Over time, she hears of Tamar Village but is unable to find the strength to come on board to gain a second chance for herself and her family. Time passes and she gets really tired of not being treated with dignity and respect. After years of being on the streets, she remembers Tamar Village and she finally decides that she wants a change in life and walks through the doors of Tamar Village”

(The above story does not represent any of our ladies or family units but is a general idea of the typical background of a family unit of a street lady in Singapore.)


Our main base is currently in Singapore and we are working towards a focus for Asia and establishing partnerships and partner offices.